Eyeglass lens protector

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  • PROTECT YOUR GLASSES WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Forget using lens repair kits and scratch remover products to maintain the quality of your lenses. These lens protectors for eyeglasses and sunglasses use innovative, patent-pending technology to totally protect your lenses for an affordable price.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT & UV PROTECTION - The protective coating of these advanced lens protectors is specially designed to be shatterproof, scratch resistant, and to offer complete protection from UV rays. They are easy to clean, anti smudge and have zero bubbles or peeling issues when applied.
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL AT HOME - The best thing about these affordable lens protectors is that you can easily fix them to your glasses yourself, guided by our simple step-by-step instructions. With a 0.15mm thickness and superior flexibility, they are designed for seamless application to curved lenses. They come in the most popular sizes and shapes to fit almost any glasses!

  • EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES - It's so expensive to replace your prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, and it's unpleasant to be without them while you wait for your new pair. With these high-quality lens protectors, your glasses will last longer without being damaged, saving you money and reducing periods of discomfort waiting for your replacement pair.